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St Andrew’s Church - Norway, Eastbourne

Welcome to St Andrew’s Church. If you  are already  a regular churchgoer, then  much of what we do will be familiar to you,  as after all, we do share a common faith.. The website you are currently viewing was created to give a snapshot  of our church community and worship, and you will be very welcome to come and visit us in person. Please do make yourself known  to a sidesperson or member of the clergy.

If you are new to the Christian faith, or just exploring your connection with the world around you, you are equally welcome here. We are all on a continuing spiritual journey, and are fellow travellers. The Church of England’s own website has a section on ‘What it means to be a Christian’ ,
which you  may find helpful to look at.

Attending a service in church for the first time can be very confusing. To this end we have produced a booklet which explains the various elements of our Sunday Mass. The main structure of the service remain constant, but in different seasons of the Church’s year (Christmas, Easter etc),there may be slight variations.

This booklet outlines the service and describes what happens and why .

If you have any questions about the structure of the service,  then
please contact Fr David
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